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    73 Teams, One Check for $5,000

    This is it, the culmination of all the 4-week leagues we ran this season. The final tally was 73 teams entered. One grand prize. 

    The most-drafted offensive players were Robinson Cano ($8), Jonathan Lucroy ($4), Carlos Correa ($11) and Carlos Gonzalez ($10), all rostered by at least 40% of the participants.  The most-drafted pitchers were Kenley Jansen ($7), Noah Syndergaard ($7), Clayton Kershaw ($28), Jose Fernandez ($17) and Hisashi Iwakuma ($1), all also rostered by at least 40% of the participants.

    Click through for the link to the updated standings. 

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Over the past decade, Ron has been an innovator in designing challenging, new fantasy game formats. At, he tested and launched games like Rotisserie500 and Quint-Inning. Here at Shandler Park, you can play in his new one-month leagues.
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Innovative games, irreverent commentary and more from fantasy baseball pioneer

Ron Shandler

After nearly three decades of pioneering serious fanalytic research in the annual Baseball Forecaster, at and USA Today, Ron Shandler has built Shandler Park as his new home for creating, playing and talking about the game. Find out more....

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