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    August 2014 MLB Scheduling Highlights

    By William Sperberg

    Strictly Scheduling

    After July's lengthy scoring period, the Dog Days of Summer will most likely produce slightly lower benchmarks for your teams to aim for as the average games played drops from 26 to 22 games. 

    Eight teams (CHC, CIN, DET, HOU, LAA, NYM, OAK & TB) all play 23 games while the Blue Jays are the only ones to play only 20. 

    A few teams such as the Pirates (+6), Reds (+5), Yankees, Nationals and Blue Jays (all +4) will play roughly 60% of their games at home, while the Phillies will enjoy a significant +11 H/A Split that will only see them playing only 5 road games and the other 16 at home in a top 10 batters park and also get the added …

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